Men's Belts: The Perfect Finishing Touch | Advice From Our Stylists
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Men’s Belts: The Perfect Finishing Touch

When it comes to accessories, none are more important than men’s belts. Choosing the right belt for men ties your look together.

The featured image shows the Ozzie Genuine Leather Croc Emboss Belt in Tan and Black, as well as the Pinseal Perf Strap Genuine Leather Belt in Cordovan, Navy, and Chocolate.

The first rule that a well-dressed man knows is you have to match your belt to your shoes. If a men’s belt does not complement the shoes, it doesn’t matter how nice either one is, your look will appear awkward and inattentive. How to get the right match means following these rules.

First, get the color right. Color is the most important factor when choosing a belt for men. The color of the belt should match or coordinate with the color of the shoes. In other words, black shoes call for black belts and brown shoes go with brown belts. Matching is especially true when you’re dressing more formal. The rule can be bent slightly with sneakers given that they’re more casual in nature. And, even some casual shoes can be paired with red belts, blue belts, and white belts depending on the colors of your overall look.

No matter if it’s a dress belt or a casual belt, when it comes to belts for men, leather belts are king. Just make sure the leather used in the men’s belt works or mirrors as closely as possible the leather of your shoes. For example, a brogue shoe calls for a men’s belt with some kind of a brogue detail. A shoe with very clean line is perfectly complemented with a men’s belt that is equally clean and simple in design. Dress welt shoes that have woven leather accents are perfectly coordinated with a men’s belt that combines the weave and the leather together. The better the match, the better the overall look comes together.

When choosing belts for men take into account the type of shoe, dress or casual. Wearing casual leather belts for men intended for jeans with a fine quality leather dress shoe is a no-no. This is one of the biggest mistakes men commit when it comes to wearing or choosing a men’s belt. Your shoes and belt should match in regards to their casual or dress type.

It’s true that a men’s belt is one of the most functional pieces of their attire but the right belt does a lot more than just hold up your pants, it ties a man’s look together. Following the tips here for choosing the right men’s belt will make sure that you always look perfectly put together. Shop some of our favorites below.