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Our Mission

Men who appreciate personal style look to Stacy Adams as a means to effortlessly express themselves. By staying in touch with our roots, Stacy Adams continues to provide a fashion-forward perspective that is rich in history.

The featured image is a Stacy Adams factory in Brockton, Massachusetts from the early 1900s.

History in the making

History in the making

Founded in 1875 in Brockton, Massachusetts by William H. Stacy and Henry L. Adams, the Stacy Adams Shoe Company has long been a part of American Culture.

Stacy Adams Shoe Company has been through the test of time - from the roaring 20's and post-war boom, to prohibition and the jazz era. Despite the decade, Stacy Adams has always combined comfort and style to assist men who want to set trends, not chase them.

The here and now

As time passed, Stacy Adams became more than just shoes. Stacy Adams is a lifestyle brand - designing quality clothing, accessories and shoes for distinguished gentlemen who know true style.

Each season, Stacy Adams builds a collection of time-honored dress shoes, sleek boots, cutting-edge sneakers, statement-making dress clothes, and bold accessories.

The featured image displays a variety of Stacy Adams clothing pieces on a rack.

The here and now

Stacy Adams Gives Back

The Stacy Adams Gives program helps individuals reach their full potential. Stacy Adams has partnered with three incredible non-profit organizations, who through hard work and dedication have transformed the lives of many disadvantaged, under-served members of our community.

Career Gear is a program that provides professional services and life-skills to men in poverty.

Providing professional clothing, mentoring, and life-skills to help men in poverty become stronger contributors to their families and communities.

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College Possible is a program that helps students be successful in the college admission process.

Making college admission and success possible for low-income students through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support.

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North Campus is an after-school program that provides academic support for students.

Providing an After-School program with an additional 20 hours a week of academic support for students after they leave the classroom.

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