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Dress Code Explained: What To Wear To Parties And Events

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We all have social events and special occasions on our calendars throughout the year. Some we look forward to, others we dread. From a Valentines party to an end of the year holiday party, here are some common annual events that have a dress code and special occasions shoes that we need to know and follow.

The Company Tailgate/Picnic

You may not be in the office but there is still a dress code. You’ll want to be comfortable but always keeping in mind that you are still in the company of your co-workers. What is too dressy? What is too casual? A polo, khaki shorts, and a pair of hybrid sneakers are always up to the company picnic dress code.

Birthday Party

The dress code for a birthday party is completely dependent on who is celebrating the birthday. For a child’s party the dress code is almost always casual dress code. For adults, it depends on the venue and time of day. A daytime party in the park would be a casual dress code where as an evening party at a gourmet restaurant would call for more dress casual attire. If you are unsure of the dress code, just ask the host! They invited you to the party, so they must be a friend and will want to you feel comfortable.

Class Reunion

It’s the one night you’ll reconnect with many former classmates. Usually the dress code will be detailed on the invitation. If the dress code is a casual dress code then by all means dress casually. Don’t be the one guy that looks like he is trying too hard to impress everyone. Our suggestions for when times call for a hybrid between dress and casual:

The Holiday Party

The office holiday party, it’s an annual event that some love, and others not so much. It can be tricky. What to wear? You don’t want to come off as a curmudgeon but you don’t want to be remembered for being a little too festive either. Finding the right attire for your holiday party and shoes that strike that balance is key. You probably can’t go wrong with a sport coat, sweater, sport shirt, or turtleneck, with chinos or dark jeans and a matching pocket square for good measure. A dress slip on tasseled loafer is a holiday favorite because it lends a touch of style to your festive holiday attire and combines so well with themed sport coats and sweaters or colorful pants. And if the spirit moves you, the tassel is also a great place to hang a small ornament.

Valentines Party

After the New Year’s parties die down the first major holiday party on the calendar is usually Valentine’s Day. The dress code here is nearly always a casual dress code. Who wants to feel stuffy and encumbered when they’re looking for love? Whether you go with a sport coat, sweater, or polo; add a touch of pink somewhere in your Valentine’s Day outfit for a subtle pop of color. And when times call for a more dress style but not too dressy, these are our go-to options: