Sneakers, Loafers, and Casual Shoes For Men That Add Style to Your Downtime | Advice From Our Stylists
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Sneakers, Loafers, and Casual Shoes For Men That Add Style to Your Downtime

The featured image is a model wearing a black and white suit and the Cashton Moc Toe Lace Up Sneaker in Black Patent.

After work or when the weekend rolls around and it’s time to relax, your outfit should follow suit. Unless you are working around the house, dressing casually shouldn’t look like you don’t care. The good news is that today’s casual shoes for men and casual men’s boots offer you the comfort you deserve without sacrificing style. From sneakers to loafers or chukka boots, here are some of the most versatile and stylish downtime options.


The first sneakers appeared in the late 1800s. What made them unique was their rubber sole which also gave the shoe its name. Much quieter than the leather sole of most shoes of the time, a person wearing these shoes was said to be able to sneak up on someone. Hence the name sneaker. Today the style has taken another step forward with the advent of dress sneakers and retro designs. For stylish downtime wear it is hard to beat a fashionable pair of men’s sneakers.

Loafers and Casual Slip On Shoes

Downtime means taking it easy and nothing is easier or more relaxed than a pair of slip on men’s shoes. One of the most versatile of men’s shoe designs, men’s loafers date back to the early 1930s. In fact, the earliest loafer designs were actually inspired by the moccasins worn by Native Americans. Practical and durable, men’s loafers have become essential footwear for downtime activities. Men’s slip on shoes can be dress or casual. For a great downtime shoe, a pair of men’s loafers are always a good choice.

Chukka Boots

Chukka boots got their name from the game of polo where a chukka or chukker is a seven-minute period of play. These boots were similar to the boots worn by polo players after matches for their comfort. Any shoe named after a game is surely a great downtime footwear choice. Worn on the weekend with a pair of jeans, when it comes to both comfort and style, the chukka boot is also hard to beat. For downtime style, a suede or relaxed leather chukka boot work best.