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Laces For Shoes: Step Up Your Style

The featured product is the Vortex Knit Lace Up Sneaker in White.

As children we all learned how to lace our shoes. Most of us learned a basic way to lace our shoes and we continue to use it to this day. The average man takes his new shoes out of the box and crisscross the shoelaces from bottom to top and we’re good to go. If this is the case then you are missing out. There are dozens of lacing shoe lace techniques that are easy to learn; and learning a few lacing shoe laces techniques can add a touch of personality and style to your shoes.

The internet is full of lacing shoe laces ideas. From dress laces or boot laces, these sites show you various shoe lacing techniques such as, the crisscross, over under, European lacing, military lacing, sawtooth lacing, ladder lacing, the Ukrainian lacing for shoe laces and up to 60 more. Take a little time and learn a new technique for lacing shoe laces and give your footwear new visual interest.

Once you have mastered a few these lacing techniques it’s time to turn to the shoelaces themselves. Of course, every shoelace is made for a certain type of shoe. Dress shoelaces are generally round, narrow and waxed, while boot laces are often made of leather, and sneaker laces are most commonly found to be flat cotton. That’s the norm but now forget the old drab dress laces or boring boot laces. The next time you buy laces for shoes why not try something with a pop of color. Red, orange, yellow, blue or even striped laces for shoes are an excellent way to freshen up an old pair of shoes or add personality to even the most classic dress shoes.

Beyond esthetics, runners have been studying lacing techniques for years trying to find the perfect way to lace their shoes for comfort and performance. Investigations have been made to determine the best lacing techniques and their influence on the running experience. The result is a recommendation for how to lace your shoes according to a number of factors. From heel slipping and toe pain to wide or narrow feet, high or low arches, there are different ways to lace your shoes to help improve your foot comfort. So, whether they are boot laces or dress laces, have some fun with your shoe laces and experiment with lacing shoe laces. Just remember, shoelaces serve a purpose, no matter how cool the shoelaces might look don’t sacrifice your comfort for a little style.

Check out these three styles we recommend styling with different lacing techniques for your shoelaces style: