Men’s Boots Throughout The Years | Advice From Our Stylists
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Men’s Boots Throughout The Years

The featured image is a variety of black and brown leather boots.

Men’s boots have been around for ages. As a matter of fact, the first know depiction of boots was found painted on cave walls in Spain dating back to 15,000 BC. Men’s boots were also found in Egyptian tombs and the Greeks reported that the Scythians wore simple boots of untanned leather and fur that were lashed to the leg by a leather strap. In more recent times, men’s boots came to represent power and military might. The first dress version of boots for men were worn by emperors and kings. In Rome, when the majority of the population went barefoot, emperors were known to wear colorful jeweled and embroidered men’s boots, some even with gold soles.

Fast forward a few centuries and men’s boots fashion have become popular among all classes. Whether they are black boots or brown boots, men’s boot designs took a big step forward in 1851 when J. Sparks-Hall, Queen Victoria’s bootmaker, designed what would later become known as the Chelsea Boot. The design would not have been possible without the invention of vulcanized rubber by Charles Goodyear which is used for the two gusset patches on the side of Chelsea Boots. In the 1950s and 60s the chelsea boots for men once again became popular thanks to its adoption by numerous British rock groups of the day. Today, chelsea boots are one of the most popular styles of dress boots for men and can be worn with everything from suits to jeans.

Another style of boots for men that has endured for years is the chukka boot. A casual boot for men favorite, the classic design consists of an ankle-high boot with open-lacing, unlined, and with two to three pairs of eyelets. The name comes from the game of polo where a chukka is a seven-minute period of play, a polo match typically consists of four to eight chukkas. In India, the boot acquired its name because of its similarity to the Jodhpur boot which was worn by polo players. Today the chukka boot is one of the most popular and versatile styles of men’s fall boots. Dress chukka boots can even be worn to even the most formal occasions while a modern pair of casual chukka boots is the perfect choice for after-hours or weekend wear.