Keeping Up With Men's Fashion Trends As The Seasons Change | Advice From Our Stylists
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Keeping Up With Men's Fashion Trends As The Seasons Change

Fashion trends come and go but one thing remains the same, the Stacy Adams man is always a step ahead. This year, the latest fashion trends are not just about look, feel also matters. Yes, comfort is a hot shoe trend, and it’s one we are all happy to follow. Dress shoes that feel like sneakers are hot. Lighter, better cushioning and more flexible shoes are all the rage. Style trends include hybrid designs that combine dress shoe uppers with sneaker-like soles and shoes that feature mixed materials and textures like smooth leather and suede or nubuck. Other fashion trends include wedge soles, more pronounced brogueing, bold colors, and stacked heels.

Here are some of our favorite styles that follow these shoe trends. For spring/summer and fall/winter styles, these are the shoes every man should have in his collection.

The featured product are Ox Blood Pasqual Moc Toe Bit Slip On.


There are a few trends we're really into for the warmer months. Our Del and Feronte are must-haves in your closet. Fashion trends may come and go but a slip on is a timeless summer essential. Last but not least, you can’t go wrong with a bright sneaker. Casual, cool, colorful, and comfortable, our Synchro has everything you want in a warm weather style.


Boots are a must for the cooler months but so are stylish lace ups and oxfords. Back to an age when style and quality went hand in hand, our Madison Spectator Spat Cap Toe Boot is timeless.