In The World Of Men's Casual Shoes, Sneakers Take Center Stage | Advice From Our Stylists
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In The World Of Men’s Casual Shoes, Sneakers Take Center Stage

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Men’s sneakers have come a long way since they first appeared in the late 1800s. The original design used a sole made of volcanized rubber that had recently been invented by Charles Goodyear. It’s this rubber sole that gave the shoe its name. Much quieter than the leather soles that most shoes had at the time, a person wearing these shoes was said to be able to sneak up on someone. Hence the name sneaker. In those early days, men’s sneakers were strictly used for sport. It is not until the 1950s that the sneaker was worn as men’s casual shoes. Today there are no better casual shoes for men. The popularity of retro design and the advent of dress sneakers combined with the laxing of the workplace dress code has seen the sneaker make its way from basketball court to boardroom. But even today there is sneaker etiquette to follow. Here are some things to know:

How to Wear Sneakers

It used to be that sneakers were exclusively worn with athletic gear. Today from shorts and jeans to suits and tuxedos, you can wear men’s casual sneakers with just about anything. When wearing colored sneakers make sure they coordinate with the colors of the rest of your outfit, or go bold and make your sneakers the highlight of your outfit. Men’s sneakers look best with coordinated socks or no-show socks. And always keep them as clean as possible.

Sneakers at the Office

Dress or casual. Just like sneaker style, workwear attire is constantly changing. The former is getting a little dressier while the latter is becoming more casual. Their paths have crossed and the two have finally found one another. Generally speaking, high tops and running shoes are still a no-go in business casual offices but modern dress sneakers with chinos or dark wash jeans are generally accepted.

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