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Casual Shoes and Boots for Every Season

As seasons change so do the clothes you wear. To adjust as the year goes by you don’t need to buy a bunch of new shoes. By choosing the right versatile casual shoes you can wear your men’s boots or sneakers in any season.

The featured image is a model in the Kayden Plain Toe Chelsea Boot in Red Printed Suede.

When we think about warm weather shoes, things like sneakers, sandals, and men’s loafers come to mind. For the cooler weather we often think of men’s boots like chukka boots, chelsea boots, or other casual men’s boots. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear one of these all year long. There are summer shoe styles that can be worn in the winter and vice versa.


Apart from sandals, there are plenty of summer shoes that can be worn year-round. A pair of men’s loafers, like penny loafers, can be worn sockless in the summer with a pair of light chinos or in the winter with heavier pants or jeans and no-show socks. Add some color to your outfit with a brightly colored pair of loafers, either as a standalone pop of color or to emphasize color details from your shirt or pants. These are a few of our favorite all-year loafer styles.


Modern sneakers with a white sole are also a good year-round choice. It enhances wearability in the summer by adding a fresh color pop. Retro inspired sneakers can be worn with everything from shorts in the summer to chinos and a sport coat in the winter. Comfy and casual… you can’t go wrong.


Men’s boots are often thought of as strictly winter footwear. Today, however, there are many lightweight casual men’s boot options in a variety of materials and textures that make them much more style friendly. Now available in fun color shades, you really can’t go wrong with a stylish boot. For a year-round boot style, men’s chukka boots and men’s chelsea boots can be worn with both the lighter clothing of summer and heavier winter attire.