The History Of Men's Chelsea Boots | Advice From Our Stylists
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The History Of Men’s Chelsea Boots

The featured product is the Joffrey Plain Toe Chelsea Boot in Cognac.

Men’s chelsea boots are one of the most famous and iconic styles of footwear. Leather chelsea boots have a long and colorful history. The original design dates back to 1837 when they were created by bootmaker J. Sparkes-Hall for the House of Queen Victoria. The Queen herself had requested a boot be made without laces because they kept getting stuck in her stirrups while riding. The design incorporated another new invention, volcanized rubber, which was used to make the elastic side strips. The new style also had the advantage of allowing the wearer to slip the boots on and off easily.

The first boots were first called “Paddock Boots” as they were used mostly for riding. The name chelsea didn't appear on the market until the 1950s and '60s, when chelsea boots became popular in the UK where they were first seen on the King's Road in the West London Borough of Chelsea.

The British invasion that swept across the country in the 1960s brought with it more than just some of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time. It also brought fashions never before seen on this side of the pond. It started with long hair and worked its way down to the famous black chelsea boot.

At Stacy Adams we love a good chelsea boot, especially a black chelsea boot. We honor that tradition with sleek boots made of fine suede or leather and updated with modern design touches. The versatile boot can be worn with a suit or jeans and looks at home in the office or on the town. Dressed up with a bold colored shirt or with pops of color from stylish accessories, a black chelsea boot is a style win-win.

Add a touch of historic British cool with this modern classic, the chelsea boot.