We’ve teamed up with an incredible group of bloggers, influencers and media partners who share our same fashion-forward perspective and a foundation of innovative thinking. Below you’ll find the latest Stacy Adams news as well as fashion inspiration featuring our statement-making footwear, clothing and accessories. By combining color, texture and pattern, we continually work to provide the detail-orientated man with everything he needs to make an impression.

Aaron Wester, the man behind The Modern Otter, spent his fall days strolling through NYC in Stacy Adams Style.
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Andrew Wise of the lifestyle and travel blog Life, Tailored can be seen throughout Brooklyn rocking our M2 and Kason boots.
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Influencer Brandon Bryant of Wall Street Paper styles Stacy Adams for an article on GQ.com!
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Style influencer Jean Cozier sporting our Tinsley Wingtip Oxford in Dallas, TX.
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Influencer Moti Ankari shows off his M2 boots to perfectly compliment his Metro Man style.
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Styleteller, Tomme Lei, effortlessly pairs Stacy Adams with his everyday style.
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Blogger Willie Sparks of Sparks N Style in Stacy Adams.
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Blogger Brett Poschmann of The Posh Man wearing our Madison II Chukka in partnership with GQ.
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Sebastian Gomez of the blog Two Trends in Stacy Adams.
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GQ + Stacy Adams Event in Soho, NY – November 2016.

Kelvin Davis, blogger behind Notoriously Dapper, styling Stacy Adams in partnership with GQ.
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The brother bloggers behind Code of Armas wearing Stacy Adams.
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The blog Hudson’s Bay Men styling Stacy Adams.
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Photographer Madison Hope featuring Stacy Adams.
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Blogger Craug Stubbs rockin’ a Stacy Adams hat.
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Menswear blog, Pretty Fly Society, sporting Stacy Adams.
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Blogger Riley Stylez wearing Stacy Adams.

J Fig, blogger behind Rule of Thumbs, styling Stacy Adams.
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Video and music producer, @gunnarolla in Stacy Adams.
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La France Vintage Clothing Boutique Styling Stacy Adams
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