Men’s Style Tips | How To Take A Fashion Risk
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How to make a statement with your outfit

We get it. You're sick of wearing neutrals to work and want to add a little bit of excitement to your bland look. But where do you begin?Here at Stacy Adams we've come up with some tips for making a statement without going overboard.

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Don't overdo it

Never wear pieces that compete with each other for attention. Pick one or two things to add an element of flair and keep the rest simple.

Make sure to match

Don't go crazy with pattern mixing or a bunch of bold colors. Choose one bright color that goes well with, say a navy or gray suit, and then build off of that to create a put-together look. Some good color combinations include navy with orange, grey with bright blue, and olive green with mustard yellow.

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Find pieces that work for you

Whether it doesn't fit your personality, your body type, or your work environment, know if a piece works for you or not. Don't buy anything that you know you won't wear, even if it's 'in' at the moment. Build up a diverse wardrobe with a few statement pieces that can blend well with your everyday essentials.

Add a bright color to an otherwise plain outfit

Try weraing a bold sweater like light blue or green under a jacket for an element of surprise.

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Let your shoes do the talking

Choose a statement shoe to add the pop you're looking for! Some of our favorites are our Arley in Burgundy, Madison II Wing Boot in Cognac Multi, Lanzo, and Tinsley in Black Multi.