Men’s Style Tips | What To Wear To An Interview
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Your guide to choosing an impeccable interview outfit

Getting dressed for an interview can be intimidating; especially since what you’re wearing can make or break your first impression. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be the best-dressed interviewee in the room!

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Choose a navy or gray suit

Never wear black or tan to an interview unless it’s in a more glamorous industry like TV. Navy and gray are classic formal choices that will fit in with any office dress code.

Season Appropriate

Make sure the suit is appropriate for the season (no wool in the heat of summer, or linen in freezing temperatures) and that it is properly pressed – it should look neat and clean!

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Keep it simple

Avoid any fancy detailing on your shirt – choose a white shirt made with 100% cotton without any distracting pattern.

Add a hint of color

Opt for stripes or solids in your tie selection – nothing too busy. Go for red if you’re feeling bold and powerful, or blue if you want to give the impression of sophistication and persistence.

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the icing on the cake

Wear a classic and professional looking shoe. This is the best place to let your style shine. A few of our favorites are our Kordell, Somerton, and Julius.