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GQ Presents Stacy Adams Style: Terrence J – Episode 2

Actor and E! News co-anchor, Terrence J, is on set with GQ for the latest Stacy Adams Style episode. It’s all about fall style and staying fresh!

GQ Presents Stacy Adams Style: Terrence J

Stacy Adams teamed up with GQ to bring you another Stacy Adams Style episode. Actor and E! News co-anchor, Terrence J, talks about how shoes are the most important aspect of your look -- and why he feels Stacy Adams are the quintessential footwear.

Hip-hop artist LeCrae talks about why Stacy Adams fits his polished and clean style – without losing his edge.

LeCrae explains why Stacy Adams fits his style in the studio, in the office at his record label or just running around town. The Atwell, the Tremain and the Telford fit in wherever LeCrae goes.

Mike Bogard On How To Dress Up With Stacy Adams Shoes

Celebrity stylist Mike Bogard picks his favorites from the Stacy Adams dress shoe collection and discusses how to wear them for the best look – from the ultimate businessman vibe to a “grown man” boot.

Mike Bogard Talking About Stacy Adams Casual Shoes

"Prince of Fashion" Mike Bogard selects his favorite casual Stacy Adams styles for fall and explains how to make them work with any outfit. Let Mike Bogard complete your look with Stacy Adams – from rugged boots to a classic wingtip, "guaranteed to get you into any club."


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